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Author Agreements
Jean Ward
March 29, 1999

Please reply to this inquiry by Friday 4/2 if you would like feedback.

"Hi- Thanks for your feedback on "Shakespeare in Love." As I mentioned I have approached Harvey Weinstein of Miramax about making a Broadway musical based on the film. It turns out that Miramax owns the stage rights. They will accept 1% of the GWBOR and whatever royalty pool the authors agree to. I spoke with Tom Stoppard, who loved the idea but prefers to work with a composer/lyricist he knows and not Elton John and Tim Rice. Please let me know what you think the terms of the Option Agreement we should make for the book, music and lyrics. It does not have to be an Dramatist Guild APC but probably should mirror most of its terms. Your prompt attention is appreciated. -Bob"

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"RealAudio Spring 1999 TeleCourses" to listen to RealAudio file with Guest Speaker: Jean Ward, Esq., Theatrical Attorney, ("Negotiating Author Agreements") and Guest Speaker: Roger Gindi, Producer and General Manager, ("Everybody Into the Royalty Pool")

As preparation for next week's TeleCourse with David Richards review the production and operating budgets in the materials that were sent to you.

For those who may have missed class or would like re-audit - RealAudio files have been posted on the Student Access Only page:

Week #1: March 22, 1999. Introduction/Underlying Rights/Collaboration Agreements.

Week #2: March 29, 1999. Author Agreements.

Break-a-leg, Bruce

--Bruce Lazarus,
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