For Those Considering the Business Builder TeleCourse:
March 20, 1998

by Kevin Kelly

Just do it! I'm still reeling from the experience. In just five short thirty-minute phone calls I did more to thrust my project forward than I ever imagined I would in a week's time. The program helped me set a list of 25 goals. I couldn't see as the week started how I'd realistically get anywhere close to completing them, and by the end of the week I had checked off 22 of them. The calls helped me focus, made me think ahead, and motivated me to do something extraordinary everyday. By the end of the week I had successfully launched my project and had committed a company to produce my show out of town, committed my creative collaborator to co-produce the show (he's now looking for a venue), and started my search for a general manager and an attorney here in New York. I feel my project is more attractive because I'm more attractive. AND I got to know two other remarkable people, who were also on the call with me, who I hope become friends for life. Dare I say it was life changing? Yes, I'd even go that far. The only problem is the Monday morning after...there's a bit of a let down. After accomplishing so much so fast its hard to come back to reality. But one of the day's themes keeps ringing in my ears and keeps me going: Faith and Perfection. Which means, I'm perfect at the point I am right now to do what I have to do today. Thanks Bruce. Thanks Libby.

Kevin Kelly, Business Builder Telecourse participant

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