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Agreements & Understandings Regarding All TeleCourses

Audiotaping Release / Permission to Record

I agree not to audiotape the TeleCourses. Broadway University will be taping the TeleCourses. By participating in the TeleCourse I agree to and give permission to Broadway University, its principals, employees, agents and contractors to record the TeleCourse and use the recordings in any manner. I also understand that they will be converting the recordings to RealAudio. I also understand that Broadway University may commercially release selected tapings or sections of tapings and that this is acceptable to me. I understand that my name will not be used on the packaging, but that, of course, my voice and perhaps my name will be heard by those listening to the RealAudio file and/or the commercially available tape series. Said permission shall also include the unlimited and exclusive rights to own, exhibit and exploit any and all such recordings throughout the universe in perpetuity. By participating in the TeleCourse I waive any and all rights of privacy, publicity, defamation and other rights of a similar nature in connection with the TeleCourse recording and agree not to institute or maintain any claims or actions against Broadway University, its principals, employees, agents, and contractors. Based upon any of the forgoing I acknowledge I have received valuable consideration for the above.

Bridge Number Confidentiality

I agree to not share the TeleCourse bridge number(s) with anyone.

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