What is a TeleCourse?
All you need is a telephone!
Definition of a TeleCourseSM

A powerful way to get the skills and tools you need to stay competitive in today's business. TeleCourses are courses on topics that are important to you and designed to be taken by phone so that you never have to leave your home or office. You simply dial into a telephone number that connects you to what is called a teleconference bridge (bridge for short). This "virtual classroom" holds anywhere from 2-30 participants from all over the world and is live and interactive. This may sound strange but we have participated in several TeleCoursesSM last year using this new technology and it works well.

For registration, please call (212) 769-3282  or send e-mail to Each time you register we will provide you with the telephone bridge number that you will call at the appointed time and some guidelines to make this a smoother learning process. Note that you will incur long distance telephone charges of approximately 10 cents a minute, depending on your carrier and that each TeleCourseSM will be recorded for future use, transcription, publication and commerical distribution. By participating in the TeleCourseSM you agree to and give permission to Broadway University to record the TeleCourseSM and use the recordings in any manner (please see Audiotaping Release / Permission to Record).

** Remember all you need is a telephone to participate in the TeleCoursesSM.

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