Business Coaching with Bruce J. Lazarus

Before becoming an attorney, I was in business as a theatrical agent and personal manager for actors and writers. I have discovered that the aspect of each of these professions that I enjoy most is working with people who want to accomplish something big, both personally and professionally.

As a personal business coach, I work with entertainment professionals, entrepreneurs and people making significant personal or professional changes to implement a plan of action, better communicate, design achievable goals, build relationship skills, and support a healthy balance between personal and professional life.

Coaching is delivered during half-hour sessions three times per month, often by telephone. If you feel that this type of a relationship might work for you, call and let's talk for about 20 minutes and see. Tell me what you're up against and/or want to achieve. I'll listen, tell you specifically how I can help and suggest an initial strategy or direction. All of my clients come from referrals, so I will not try to sell you. Feel free to ask any questions so that you feel comfortable.

I am here to speak straight and be a partner with you focusing on your vision and goals.

Bruce J. Lazarus
Phone: (212) 769-3282

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