"Producer's Corner"
by Bruce Lazarus


Getting Your Act Together and Taking it on the Road - 
How a Show Becomes a Tour 
Survey Says -- Your Audience Is Changing 
What You Need To Know About the Unions On and Off Broadway
Be A Nice Boss - Give Your Show A Promotion
An Introduction to the New World of Theatre Marketing
The Role of the General Manager, Part I A Tale of Two Budgets  
The Role of the General Manager, Part II  
The New Kid in Town Makes Good:  
Budgets for Broadway Alliance Productions  
And How They Compare to Broadway and Off-Broadway
Negotiating Theatre Licenses – Part I
Negotiating Theatre Licenses – Part II
The Rules of the Road How Box Office Receipts Are Distributed On Tour
"Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Theatrical Insurance 
But Were Afraid To Ask"
Survey Says --Your Audience Is Changing
An Insider’s Tips on Licensing Your Play to a Licensing House 
Truth in Advertising, Part II: Children Will Listen
Truth in Advertising, Part I: 
Standing Out from the Crowd on TV and Radio 
War Stories 
Will It Play In Peoria? How to Assess Your Show’s Chances “On The Road” 
It’s 8:15 - Do You Know Where Your Box Office Receipts Are?  
The Role of the Company Manager 
The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship: Finding the Right Corporate Sponsor
Direct Mail and Telemarketing - The One-Two Punch
An Introduction to the New World of Theatre Marketing 
Hold the Phone - Have I Got a Show For You!
Everybody into the Pool
The Art of Raising Money
Producing With Passion
The Producer-Agent Relationship
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