February 8, 1998

Dear Friends:

This is just an informal note to say hello and to thank you for being the very first subscribers to BroadwayUniversity.comSM and Broadway University NewsSM.

  1. As of this morning, we're at 127 subscribers (some of you are just taking the FREE Tuesday TeleCourseSM, some are enrolled in the 12-week Producing Commercial Theatre class in New York City beginning February 12th, some are already enrolled in the March week-long FREE Business Builder and afternoon FREE Think Tank TeleCourseSM and are some just subscribing to Broadway University NewsSM). This is an excellent beginning. Given what I am learning about enrollment/registration/subscription momentum, Broadway University is going to be a real winner.

  2. As you probably know from either knowing me and/or reading about BroadwayUniversity.comSM at the website, this TeleCourseSM concept using telephone conferencing bridges is fairly new. Although I am experienced in leading TeleCoursesSM I will be counting on you - just as you can count on me - as we build and learn new TeleCourseSM skills together. We have plenty of content and great guest speakers for each class, but we will be customizing courses to meet your unique needs.

    ** Remember all you need is a telephone to participate in the FREE TeleCoursesSM, although (here comes a gentle nudge) it's time for all of us to get on the Internet, communicate by E-mail and to be able to "download" or copy all the wonderful resources we have at http://www.BroadwayUniversity.comSM and the many other websites on the Internet. By the way, for all of you who are interested in this new education technology, I highly recommend visiting for its many interesting Teleclasses on various subjects from Coaching to self-improvement.

  3. The first month or two should be interesting in terms of TeleCourseSM size. TeleCoursesSM will be smaller/more intimate during February and March, but as more subscribers join, we'll be at 20-40 for most TeleCoursesSM. So, please take advantage of our smaller TeleCourseSM sizes while you can!

  4. From time to time I will be asking you to help me pass the word about and the FREE Tuesday TeleCoursesSM and other cool stuff that are available here. And right now would be a very good time (Ha, Ha!) for you to share with your network, clients and/or colleagues about, if that is something you are willing to do.

  5. This first week is likely to be a little "creative" as we ramp up, so I do ask for your support, input and collaboration as we launch this new venture together.

  6. As is stated at the website, some of the FREE Tuesday TeleCoursesSM have been announced and are available now for registration, more on both professional and personal development will be available at the beginning of March.

  7. We have just opened the virtual office, where Julie, our registrar and general all around administrator, can be reached by telephone or fax at 304-733-2949 or by e-mail at Although you will probably be E-mailing us for your answers/questions, please feel free to give out this phone number. We can take TeleCourseSM registration and subscription applications over the phone or fax, and we also offer phone-based support for those who have a question or who need additional assistance.

**Again, welcome and thanks for being the pioneers and early-adopters in this adventure. It means a lot to me that you've elected to become a part of the community.

Warmest regards and Break-a-leg,
Bruce Lazarus, Editor@BroadwayUniversity.comSM

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